China Jilin Zhenyee Technology Co., Ltd.


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China Jilin Zhenyee Technology Co., Ltd. is a limited company registered in Changchun, China. It mainly engages in auto parts technology development, technical services, parts sales, parts import and export, and disassembly. The main importers are from Germany, Romania, the United States, etc. By this November, total imports this year were over 250,000 Euros. After many years of platform construction and channel operation, sales networks have been formed in many provinces and regions in China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan. The company also produces automotive spare parts, including steering wheels and some automotive electronic components, for the mainland and European and American markets, with annual sales revenue of 500,000 euros.

Since the establishment of the company, the volume of import and export business has continued to increase. Compared with last year, the company's import value has increased from the original 150,000 euros to this year's 250,000 euros. The import business alone has increased by 75%.

From the perspective of China’s car ownership and car renewal period, China still has huge market growth space, and the car modification and customization business is also booming. Coupled with the lightweight, intelligent, and electrified development of the German automotive industry, we communicated and liaised with a number of parts wholesalers in Germany. We have discussed bulk procurement with GS-AUTOTEILER GmbH, and cooperation with MR AUTOTEILE is under negotiation.


In future, we will focus on advancing trade with major Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Benz and other major parts wholesalers to gradually start to develop large-scale auto parts purchase from 2020 to significantly increase the company's turnover. It will also take advantage of the lightweight, intelligent, and electrified geographical advantages of the German automotive industry, to make a rapid development of international business will be expected during the process of the company's continuous pursuit of innovation and excellence.